day 19: a work day in the city

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It was a lazy morning. And a lovely one at that. After being go go go for the beginning of the week, we took it slow, and my roommates and another friend of ours headed out to a small, quaint breakfast at Griffin’s bakery, taking the time to try their coffee and delicious scones. I ordered a latte and raspberry scone. It was WARM and HEAVENLY and I don’t think I’ve ever had a scone that tasted that good. 

some Griffin’s Bakery family lineage on the walls

We left feeling full of pastries, ready for the day and to get some work done. It was another gorgeous day, weather wise.

another gorgeous day long cross/quay/shop street!

On the way home, I opted to drop some letters in the mail as well as take a photo with a shark mural that was on the side of the restaurant that is right across from our building, Hooked. It’s kind of funny because we can literally watch all the customers from our bedroom [and I assume they can kinda do the same HAHA].

stephs are friends, not food

I spent the majority of the day after that catching up on some assignments, stepping outside when I got the chance [as we were blessed with yet another sunny-is day…miraculous]. I kind of forget that the word “study” precedes abroad sometimes.. I find myself just wanting to go and explore but I also know I’ve got some work to do.

After we’d put in a fair chunk of time dedicated studying/assignments, the lot of us headed out down the street to Taylor’s Bar and Beer Garden— a really nice pub that opened up into a nice, heated and covered area with benches and stools and tables good for gathering, accompanied by its own outside bar window. They had a special going that night, 20% off all cocktails so we kinda couldn’t resist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

on the way to the beer garden – sunset near the Claddagh
Taylor’s Bar exterior (:
tent covering over the beer garden

Their gin special [I guess I’m hooked now] was a citrus Beefeater with a floral tonic, garnished with more citrus and cranberries— 2 for 13.50 euro so it’s a great thing to split with another person— I shared with Caroline, who’s been a gin and tonic connoisseur since forever, as she likes to say.

They also had a drink called “How Are You Loveen” which was lovely as well:

We watched as the sun started to set and more people filtered in, and as a table of guys brought in tons of boxes of pizza from the place next door, Apache pizza. Apparently the beer garden encourages that you order food from around and bring it if you’re hungry, another example of incredible community local business support [but also probably because the bar didn’t serve food]. 

Some of the guys in our group ended up getting a box as well, and it ended up being a great snack that night, with the addition of some salt and vinegar “chips” from Giovanni’s on the way home later.

The next day we had an essay due and a social event [planned by the program assistants] in the evening, so it was a moderately early bedtime.

steph ☀

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