day 23: take me to church!

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The morning was glorious.

My roommate Dakotah and I woke up early in order to attend a church service at the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, an Anglican Episcopal church loaded with history [it was built in the 1300s!!!] at 11am. 

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Not having been at church for a while, I was really excited to see the church, their service, and listen to the acoustics of the choir in that beautiful building. 

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When we walked in, the choir was rehearsing their offertory, which I recognized immediately as “Hear My Prayer”, composed by Moses Hogan. What’s crazy is that I had sung this piece years ago in a choir in VA and couldn’t believe I was hearing it again, across the Atlantic.

What’s even crazier? The church was hosting a choir from Pennsylvania [the Williamsport Civic Chorus] to lead the service music. Mind = blown. They were absolutely lovely. 

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Some parts of the service were pleasantly surprising, like the offertory and the pointed psalm, and the sermon. The sermon was lovely as well, and not solely because the priest had a gorgeous English accent. She preached on [ ] — speaking about people being too burned out to follow Jesus, or too distracted by “but wait I have to do X before I start a relationship with God” and it was very entertaining and touching at the same time. 

There was no loud dismissal prayer like I’m used to at the end, but there was a warm welcome and biscuits and coffee in community mugs in the back of the sanctuary, making it feel like a cozy community. 

I thanked the choir director for his gorgeous music ministry— without it I don’t know where I’d be.

My roommate and I left shortly after and pet a dog on our scenic way back home [I MISS MY PUPPIES MY GOODNESS!!!!].

Even though it was *technically* a day of rest I had some Hootsuite certifications to catch up on and a peer review to complete, so it was a buckle-down kind of evening—perfect as the weather seemed a bit grey and sprinkly. I was able to get a lot done and then ended up relaxing with a small girls night out back at Taylor’s bar. On our way out, we saw a gorgeous rainbow with the faintest second rainbow near it, and it felt like something out of a movie.

We celebrated being done with assignments for the week [me, specifically with a Micil G&T— I may or may not have tagged them in my insta post and GOTTEN A REPLY FROM THE BRAND—PADRAIC?? *happy sob*] [#IguessI’maMicilbrandambassadornow?!?]

The night ended with a satisfactory smile, FaceTime session, and can of Pringles [sorry not sorry HA]. An overall amazing day.

steph ☀

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