days 24-27: foróige and #STOPFOODWASTE

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I know I’ve mentioned before in earlier posts– I have such a desire to write, to share, to remember… I don’t often get to these posts until I’ve outrun them [in a sense that time has just moved too quickly since it all transpired!] I find myself scrolling through my camera roll for visual memories, to find them and fill the gaps. So. Apologies for the erratic posting! 😛

These three days were mostly consumed, 10-5pm, with working with our teams on our food waste multi-media project.

monday july 1

With Foróige youth now fully embedded in our teams, we needed to get cracking and start generating content and aesthetics for the final project. It was the minor hurdle of the century, having to hunt down places in Galway City to park down for a bit and hop on WiFi to get some things done… but I’m also grateful for that because it exposed us to a myriad of new cafés, new hidden nooks, gems in which we could sit and enjoy, out of the way of frantic tourists, tuning in instead to the lower-key bustle of the locals there for the afternoon tea/coffee/paper/whathaveyou.

We ended up getting settled at the Cafe Temple, a cute multi-story cafe kind of intertwined into an indoor/outdoor shopping nook. Right down the hall was a bookstore [which I actually made a stop at later]– outside the bookstore and along the wall were rows and rows of books. Very cool.

Also cute was a little duck painted on one of the steps leading inside, and the wall covered with humorous plaques related to coffee.

We worked with our youth member, Yasmine, who was able to give us some really cool insight on the social media habits of Galway teens [at least those within her friend groups], as well as her favourite spots for hanging out and being with friends.

After a day of design possibilities, deliberation, and narrowing our scope, we headed out and about for sustenance. I couldn’t resist taking a pic against the butterfly wall:

tuesday july 2 & july 3

After work and before dinner, I couldn’t help myself from stopping at a thrift shop near the square. In the US I grew up on thrift stores. Sifting through rack after rack of colorful fabrics, getting lost in the scent of outdated, quirky cuts, the adrenaline rush that comes when you find something so unique but also low key has the potential to be trendy and just *happens* to fit you like a glove… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

However, thrift stores/shops are a bit different here— for one, I found the prices kinda ridiculously low [!!! Blessing and a curse?], and the store will dedicate itself and it’s branding to a certain community cause— for example, the store I stepped into was NCIB, and dedicated its funds to working to help the blind community. Very cool. If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from Galway, it’s that the people are very community oriented, very volunteer oriented. It’s a good place to be, to see them helping each other, lifting other business and organizations up.

2nd/3rd of july [? Who knows at this point 😂😅]

A lovely day of work with the teams! We hit a lot of milestones– as the multimedia team, it is our job to gather/curate media for our project. Today, that meant getting everyone’s headshots taken care of, which was a lot of fun— we were shooting for black and white kind of “humans of NY” vibes.

We also buckled down on tackling the social media campaign of our project, which was to start the conversation about food waste and do our best to make an instagram account that provided viewers with info, stats, and powerful graphics to get them thinking about food waste and what it means in their own lives.

This photo (omg) was taken after begrudgingly lifting the lid of a “food only” receptacle around back of a restaurant. It was disgusting, it was vibrant, it was exactly what we needed. We found the font, I refined the design, and BAM. Instant 9×9 grid. Love it.

Once our work day concluded, we had one last group dinner at Massimo, our old friend. There we had a scrumptious meal— we could pick from a set menu— I happened to choose soup and the Hake fish sandwich because this is a maritime city and I love seafood and ugHHH it was fantastic. It was followed by a “Baileys” pudding, which was basically a bread/cake thing, drizzled with a cream sauce that tasted like Baileys Irish cream and served with ice cream. Delicious but oh so rich.

We settled our food with some last minute homework and then set our for a lovely evening walk along the Claddagh and the bridge— until arriving at our final destination, The Quays.

They had live music going strong; the band covered almost everything you could think of… The White Stripes, Queen. The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and Toto…their artistry echoed throughout the church-turned multi-story pub and the dance floor radiated heat and energy below. I think it was then we realized that Galway didn’t sleep. But we tried nonetheless, knowing we had a packed day the next day.



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